Letters I won’t be sending you (Glad to be able to see you again, and what I’ve felt ^^)

Dear little big foreheaded you,

Hi there, with everything that has happened for the past eight years (going nine), both good and bad, I have come to conclude that the idea of us being together is just virtually impossible, with this, I have also ceased the thought of moving on (another virtually impossible feat), a dilemma which I believe, brings about a magntitude far more greater than that of the aforementioned, one which I am having a hard time figuring out whether if it’s a good thing or not, however, this is a matter where which I do not ask of you to understand, rest assured, I’ll put my best efforts in trying not to be of a burden to you and at the same time give my all to become a being, whose presence is as faint as a miniscule dust floating about the air and be as profound as the sound of church bells clanging if ever the need arises. This is something I have decided to take upon myself and you may percieve it which ever way you may like it to be, I won’t blame you for it, I guess that is just how I am, for this I give my sincerest apologies.

Be not decieved though, the thought of trying again and again is the only thing I have forfeited, it is to my shame that I say, that I have given a try, most of the methods out there that could ultimately lead me, to finally be able to move on, but as I’ve said, all was in vain. I guess I am simply drawn to everything that you are, a development which by the way I think is bittersweet. Having said that, may I just add, that it has been great seeing you, I have been yearning to be able to see you again, since the last that we were able to, just as the earth yearns for the sky to rain during the long summer drought, my longing thirsts were quenched by the opportunity that arose, the opportunity to be able to spend time with you, even as just as a friend.

I am glad to see you change, a change that I percieve to be for the better, no matter how trivial it or it may not be, though I got to admit I am accustomed to the sudden transformation. I take it from your demeanor that you are happy, at the very least, you are doing better off than that of what you were the last time I saw you, a remarkable event that is as stunning as a Star Gazer blooming at the end of spring, it’s beauty, though late of coming, far more than that of those flowers whom have blossomed before her. Sadly, as beautiful as a flower may be, which ever type or form it may take, one fact remains, if a person is to cut a flower from its roots just to be able to take it for his own, the flower would slowly wilt and eventually die, I guess this is what I am going through, bound forever to gaze upon your fairness, withheld from the priveledge to own, after all, why would I want to see this flower’s refinement wither for my selfish wants. My only wish is for you to be happy, for as you should know, your happiness is my own. Nevertheless, I can still care from afar, as I have mentioned a while ago, as a friend (though it causes me affliction), just as a florist is to a wild flower, never cutting it from its roots to take it for his own, but caring for it with the best of ways he could, at the very least, until someone comes to take this flower, and care for it far more than I ever could do. “Oh how bittersweet this love is” a cliched line, one that has been used far more often than good, but I guess, one line, fitting to end this letter.

Star Gazer, I would have taken a picture myself, but it seems I'm running low on funds XD

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Isinuga sa aking alaala (Tungo sa Taluktok ng Mundo) ni: Carlos Erwin O. Tarroza

Aking tinanaw ang kalangitan
at nasaksihan ang pag sikat ng araw,
ang kanyang mga sinag na tila
humhalik sa lupang ilalim,

Habang ang dilim ng gabi ay unti-unting
sinusuklob ng pilyego ng umaga.

Sa aking harapan ay bagtasing
tungo sa taluktok ng daigdig,
kalupaan ng bato’t batik,
kabundukan ng Tatlong Tirad;

Ang kanyang tayog, at pagkakatayo,
matatag at namumukod sa kaitaasan.

Aming iginapos ang mga kagamitan,
at inihanda ang mga sarili sa lakbayin,
panandaliang sumambit ng pagsamo sa lumikha,
at ibinulong sa sarili; heto na ang simula ng pagtahak.

Ang isang yapak ay nag dulot ng marami,
mga bakas ng buhay ng taong kalikasa’y hinamon.

Bagamat hagupit ng pagod ay dahan dahang papalapit;
kirot ng likod at tuhod, hilakbot ng kasiglahan,
tuloy pa ding tumutungo paibabaw,
kalimutan at tiisin ang mga hilahil na nararamdaman;

Manalig sa sarili at higit sa lahat sa lumikha,
ang aking lakas ay galing sa may kapal.

Damhin ng maiigi ang init at ihip
ng Haring araw at Hangin,
Dinggin ang pag-agos at kaluskos,
ng mga batis, puno’t halaman;

Mga bagay na tila humihilom sa bawat sakit;
pagdurusang kagandahan ang kapalit.

Masdan ang kariktang gawa ng bathala;
hinubog para sa ating kapakanan,
tanawing isinuga sa aking alaala;
pabuya sa dugo’t pawis na inilaan,

Sawakas, sawakas at aming narating,
rurok ng kabundukan, taluktok ng daigdig.

Bundok ng Tatlong Tirad/Mt. Cinco Picos

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Manga – A glimpse into the Japanese Culture.

Hi there!  Though I’m not really confident to say that there is someone out there willing enough  to read this blog to say Hi to, I’ll be writing it anyway, after all I will not allow such trivial matters to hinder me from expressing my thoughts, not now, not yesterday, and most definitely not tomorrow.

All right, now, what is Manga? As I’ve mentioned a while ago (word for word) for those whom have read my first blog;  Manga; “is  a Japanese form of art and literature, kind of like the western comics but differs in demographics, as these forms of literature not only targets the younger audiences but other age groups as well, manga includes a wide array of genres which includes a vast collection of subjects”, these subjects may include any of the combination of Romance, Action, Fiction, Science-Fiction, Mythology, Comedy, Suspense, life, Psychological, ecchi (by far accounts for most of the manga’s I’ve encountered, wait a minute that didn’t come out right did it?)  etc. But Manga can mostly be classified into 5 distinct groups, these are: Shonen, Seinen, Shojo, Josei, and kodomo, now what exactly are these groups? Basically they are Demographics, I must have lost you there so let me give a detailed explanation as to what I am saying here; Shonen Manga refers to manga marketed to target male audiences 10-18 years of age, Seinen is for the older group of males specifically 18-40 years old, but then again they could be older, Shojo is for the young female audiences who’s age are from 10-18 and Josei is the female counterpart of Seinen, and lastly kodomo is for children, but then again these classification does not imply that a person should only read Shonen only if he’s a boy 10-18 years old of age, I myself is reading Shojo. Wow, that was boring, I doubt that I am even doing a fair job of explaining what a Manga is.

So how does Manga provide a glimpse to the Japanese-Culture? First of all, a Mangaka’s (the person who writes manga) personality is very evident in his style of writing, Patriotism at the very least, Second; most mangaka incorporates  Japanese beliefs and idealisms strongly in their work and they do it with pride, if you have read a lot of manga as much as I did, you will find that most manga if not all, is ethnocentric; I’m not saying that they see their idealisms and culture are better than that of the rest of world, but that extreme sense of pride that you would feel through reading their manga gives that ethnocentric aura , at least that’s how I see it and lastly, most of the manga’s setting takes place on Japan, either real or made up, it could be in the past, present and the future even.

It’s not the best review out there but, I love manga so much that I decided to do a review (Half assed) about it. So go ahead read some Manga, and look through a window of Japan; the Land of the Rising Sun.

P.S. I find this blog a bit inferior… I still need to learn a lot about writing rhetorically. ToT

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Sentiments of a Blabber mouth

Hi there you! So I have started blogging again, I used to do some at multiply.com but unfortunately I contracted a bad case of the “writers block”, and for quite a while as well, so please bare with me if you can, oh, and sorry for I still haven’t got the hang of customizing my page, so for now, this will suffice.

So, if you’ve read this much, I should commend you then, there’s not a lot of people out there who’ll go out their way just to read some strangers blabber… Did I say that right? Anyway, for my first blog in a whole lot of while, I’m gonna talk about me, yes me. For starters, I am a Registered Nutritionist-Dietitian with a height of 5 ft’ 9-10″ In. tall, and weighs about 143 lbs, I am fond of Mix Martial arts; particularly Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, and Eskrima; a form of Filipino Martial Art (I’m know a lot about Muay Thai, a bit familiar with Jiu Jitsu and interested in Esrkima). I believe in Humanism, Calvinism, Realism and a whole lot more of “isms” as well, and recently I became a Christian Apologetic, well it’s a work in progress but I’ll get there. I am also into studying culture, not formally though, but I do my own research about the different cultures out there, well, at the very least through the internet and maybe observing people in their most natural behavior as well.

I love manga – a Japanese form of art and literature, kind of like the western comics but differs in demographics, as these forms of literature not only targets the younger audiences but other age groups as well, manga includes a wide array of genres which includes a vast collection of subjects, I’ll be discussing this in another blog. Lastly, I think, but I’m confident enough to say I’ve said much about me, right? Right? Anyway I am a patriot, no maybe a hardcore patriot, even though the fact is that our country is not doing well, still I take pride in being a Filipino, “Lahing Kayumanggi (The Brown Race)“, and I do dream of a Globally Competitive Philippines, no scratch that a United Philippines that is a Globally Competitive Country. I guess this’ll be all for now, and I’ll look forward to writing something that makes sense in the near future. By the way, my deepest appreciation if you have continued to read up to this point! Anyhow, See you when I See you!

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The Earth that fell in love with the sky

A story to be told amongst people who understand and people who does not,a story not known but have already been long since foretold, once in time line not so far away, there was the earth and the sky, creations that we see day by day, one thing you see is a great gap in between, something that anyone without effort could be seen. He is the earth. She was the sky. let us see how this story comes by…

I am the earth so vast, green and brown
within my fields people go around,
the mountains, they are my efforts to reach you
acts that are futile but with feelings so true

I am the earth beneath my crust you do not see,
deeply wishing, hoping that you and I could be,
I long to hold you tightly within my arms,
with no remorse, just as virtuous as psalms

I am the sky so vast, bluish as blue,
beneath I could see, the earth that is you,
within my reach the stars, the moon and the sun
while you, the earth down below hear my voice

I am the sky so vast as the heavens that I am
I am accustomed to what it is your so called plan
your mountains are your said efforts to reach me
but all it could do is kiss my clouds, let it be

The sea is what gives color to my bluish blue
not the earth though with feelings so true
how should I say it, thoughts coming from me
that the earth and the sky can never be

You are the earth, I am the Sky
without wings you cannot fly
without flight you will never reach me
even so you say that you love me

I am the earth you are the sky
I’ll search for wings so I could fly
I know, definitely it won’t be easy
but as you know, you complete me

Even if it is only your clouds that I am able to kiss
such a moment for me is truthfully a moment of bliss
for I am deeply in love with you, yes you, the sky
for I am the earth every obstacle I’ll defy

I am the sky or so I say
and I will always be this way
A masochist is what I see & think of you
for I cannot say words such as I love you too

How many times, to you should I mention
I am not in love with you without reason,
it’s just, that despite everything that you have done for me
I cannot give back, for I only wanted to be free

I try to speak without hurting you as much
but still you’re persisting what you cannot clutch
can you not see that you and I could never be
so please stand down, give up, and just leave it be

You’re the earth, I am the sky
not all things you can defy…
I am the earth and you’re the sky
all that I could do, is just try….

I am the sky and I’m from up above
but facts such as this will forever and always be true
I am the Earth and I’m here down below
I envy the moon and stars with no effort they reach you

And so the story to be told amongst people who understand and people who does not, the same story not known but have already been long since foretold, ends as how the story began. That once in time line not so far away, there was the earth and the sky, creations that we see day by day, one thing you see is a great gap in between, something that anyone without effort could be seen. He is the earth. She was the sky. And this is how the story came by. The story of how the earth fell in love with the sky.

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